Monday, September 21, 2020


 Our website is moving!
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 Congratulations to Jane L. from Troop 2033 for winning our Patch Design Contest! 
Jane's patch design will be used for those who attend a virtual event with Cache Girl Scouts.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Patch Design Contest

 Cache Girl Scouts is holding a patch design contest!

    All Girl Scouts in Cache and Rich counties are invited to submit a design for a patch contest. The winner will get a fun prize. Here are the guidelines
  •  The design must be original and drawn by hand or digitally by a registered Girl Scout K-12. 
  •  Use any number of colors you wish, but use only solid colors. Do not blend one color gradually into another color. 
  • Metallic colors are fine!
  • Simpler is usually better.
  • Design should be inside a perfect square. The border of the square can be a different color.
  • Design must include these 2 phrases somehow: 1)  I Tried a Virtual Event!  and 2) Cache Girl Scouts 2020-2021
  • If you include the Girl Scout trefoil shape, it must be colored in Girl Scout green and no other color. You cannot put words or letters inside or on top of the trefoil shape.
  • Do not use the Girl Scout profiles symbol that has the three faces.
 The deadline for submission is September 15th. Submit designs by email to

A winner will be chosen by the Service Unit Leadership Team and announced by September 22nd. 

 The winning design will be made into patches that girls and leaders can earn by attending an event this year put on by Cache Girl Scouts that has a portion online. 

-- RLE

She and Me

 Our "She and Me" event will be held September 26, 2020. More information will be coming soon!