Friday, February 27, 2015

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout cookies are coming to the valley tomorrow! 

First to be sorted by troop and then by Girl Scout.  

If your Girl Scout sold cookies, please look for information from her troop cookie manager on when and where to pick up her cookies.  

The parent that signed the permission slip will need to be the one who goes with the Girl Scout to pick up her cookies.  That parent will need to sign a receipt accepting responsibility for the cookies before loading them into their vehicle.  This is to ensure everyone has the correct cookies.  Once parents sign their receipt, the troop cookie manager is no longer responsible for those cookies.  Exchanges for other flavors of cookies are usually not an option.  

Damaged cookies should be returned to your troop cookie manager immediately.  Money cannot be refunded, but the damaged boxes can be exchanged for new ones of the same flavor.

Remember - no one should be selling cookies in booths until March 13th.  Cookie booths must consist of 2 adults (one must be a registered Girl Scout) and at least 2 Girl Scouts.  They can only be held at approved Girl Scout locations (no front yards, parking lots or street corners).  

If you have specific questions pertaining to your daughter's cookies, please contact her troop cookie manager.  If you have general questions about cookies you can email

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